NERC CIP: What is a critical infrastructure?

Every infrastructure entity must have a system in place for reporting or investigating potential sabotage situations (e.g, insider threat), as utilities seek to enable their grids with more sophisticated IP communication devices, cyber security threats become an increasingly important factor hindering the achievement of the reliability goal, accordingly, compliance with akin requirements improve facility safety, security, and even operations.

Regulatory Risk

Akin posts, written by various individuals having direct experience with akin standards, will point out security gaps, ambiguities, and areas that could prove challenging to audit, utilities are faced with a confusing array of cybersecurity guidance, standards, and regulatory requirements. In addition. And also, the likelihood of the risk occurring was reduced by the controls had implemented.

Tailored Compliance

Taking steps early on to ensure sustainability and developing a coherent strategy can make compliance a solid foundation upon which to establish additional tailored supply chain cyber protections.

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